Welcome to Free Genie ECigs For Free Choice!
Welcome tp Free Genie Disposable E Cigs

Welcome to Free Genie Ecigs
For The Freedom To Choose

Free Genie provide disposable electronic cigarettes to give smokers more freedom of choice.

Our disposable ecigs give smokers a real choice. So many times, smokers are told to 'quit or die', but thanks to Free Genie and electronic cigarettes, it doesn't have to be that way anymore!

The Free Genie


No more huddling outside in all weathers - be it at work, in the pub, or in shops - like some social pariah!

Outside no more!

We are not here to judge you if you smoke.

At the end of the day, it should be about individual freedom of choice, but smokers have been under attack and it is only going to get worse. Just recently, a new campaign was launched to ensure that children are not exposed to even seeing adults smoking, so where does that leave you if you can't even 'go outside' any more?



The electronic cigarette produces a vapour similar to that of a fog machine. 

All that is produced is a 'steam-like' vapour which has no unpleasant odour, carries no toxins, and dissipates quickly. So you can go back to enjoying your 'ecigs' indoors... with a cuppa, with a pint, and with your friends. 

Join the Free Genie!

Why shouldn't you be free, too? 

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